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What is Freelancing?

Freelancing in simpler words can be described as the work of a person who is self-employed, who offers his/her services to the clients, often working for multiple clients at one time. For the past few years Freelancing had took quality growth. A freelancer can be a designer, writer, content creator, developer or any technical person. Freelancers can be represented as a temporary company/agency.

But where can I start freelancing? Or where can I hire a freelancer?

The Best of freelancers can be found on Fiverr as it is considered as one of the best, leading freelancing platforms. Fiverr brings together Freelancers and businesses, where each one of them can buy/sell their services. People often ask is freelancing a good career option? Can I make enough money? The answer to these questions is Yes! Freelancing is good career choice if you have a particular skill or talent. companies, small businesses or Individuals will hire you at better costs. If someone personally ask me to choose between a job or freelancing, I would surely say Freelancing, Why should I work for someone else when I can be my own boss!

Freelancing is an enticing profession. According to a source, average full time employed  person work an average of 47-48 hours per week. Freelancers work an average of 11-12 hours less, that is whole 23 days.