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Are you using the right digital channels to market your business?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube , Linkedin are some of the known social media platforms, which one do you prefer to market your business? The answer might be Facebook? Yes. Marketing on Facebook can create an impact on your business, considering billions using it, but others needed to be considered. Marketing on Facebook only might not be engaging enough, might not reach the target audiences. Over the years, digital marketing has exploded into a vast arena, consisting of diverse techniques and strategies. There are numerous online marketing activities you can undertake to rein in more business, but it can also get a tad overwhelming. What activities you can invest in to gain maximum results? Knowing the different digital channels, the cost involved in marketing, knowing the audiences, will help in making effective decisions.

Some people ask where to post the content that’ll drive much conversions? A blog? Visual Graphics? Animations, short /long videos? where should we post? can be used anywhere! at any platform! But with the right creative. Long videos might not catch attention at platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, but youtube, trend growing towards Facebook. Content should be eye-catching, attractive, to engage more with the end user.