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Technology is the sum of skills techniques, manner, and processes that is used in the production of goods or services or towards a particular task. It is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, in an industry. The technology was fixed in 2020 and it keeps on fixing, improving day by day. More than ever technology has put us in a phase where we can stay healthy, find respite and stay connected with our loved ones without getting out of our homes.

Gadgets such as Mobiles, Televisions, Laptops are some of the artwork created by technology , that are making peoples life better. We being lazy seeing each other through video chat apps such as Skype, Google meet. In this pandemic outbreak these were the most needed, for businesses. Electronic bikes sales took growth as people started to prefer them over public metros and trains. As for now, 5G is here, the next-generation cellular technology that lives up to deliver incredibly fast speeds.

What has technology done to better our lives and businesses? 

  • All sort of information is available on the internet i.e World Wide Web
  • Communication ease
  • Time saving
  • Medical/health ease 
  • Better manufacturing techniques
  •  Less wastage – Lean production methods
  • More effective marketing and promotions
  • Cost effective

Drawbacks of Technology

  • Technology such as gadgets are a waste of time
  • Distraction from work and studies
  • People go un-social/ Isolation
  • Environmental problems caused by technology for example production methods
  • Addiction
  • Health problems for example damaged eyesight
  • People get dependent on technology
  • Waste of money

There might be negative points regarding technology but that doesn’t means one should start avoiding it. See the positivity the plus points the advantages technology brings in our lives. Sometimes I think how can someone live without technology. I mean just imagine a life without technology!