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Getting started with marketing..

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Every individual need to market their business to stay in the business. If a business had to be successful they had to work in accordance of the marketing mix. You might be thinking, Now? What is this Marketing mix? It is a framework marketers use to achieve their marketing objectives. It consist of 4 parts and each of those parts focuses on different areas/prospects of the business.

Product: A product is an object or system made available for consumer use, it is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy the desire or need of a customer. This includes product packaging, variety, quality, design

Pricing: Price refers to the cost of production plus the value added. This can include discount offers, payment period, credit terms.

Promotion: Promotion means the ways through which a business sell its product. This includes Sales Promotion, advertising, sales force, public relations, direct marketing, etc. 

Place: Place means the process of moving products from the producer to the intended user. This includes the channels, coverage, assortment, locations, transport etc.

Here are few books every marketer must read:

  1. The 1-page Marketing Plan
  2. Contagious-Why things catch on
  3. This is Marketing: You can’t be seen until you learn to see
  4. Marketing made simple
  5. Marketing Rebellion